Vision, Mission and Framework

Integrated Environmental and Trading Services Company

The term “3P” refers to a business model developed to encourage social responsibility and sustainability among businesses worldwide. The corporations who adopt these standards are known as “triple bottom line,” or TBL, companies.

Centra Group have adopted the 3P for our long term vision and mission and framework. Our “3P” stands for Profit, People and Planet.

Our Vision and Framework on Profit:

  1. Customer satisfaction is a major factor for Centra Group which will determine the company’s profit growth going forward.
  2. Observations of customer behavior patterns need to be made and studied continuously.
  3. The formation of new entities and adding the portfolio to the parent company (corporate) and dominating the market by providing the highest quality products and services.
  4. Technology is an important element in the development of new products, company management processes, increased efficiency and productivity of the company.
  5. Centra Group plans to continue to develop the Profit and Portfolio of the Company and its subsidiaries to become market leaders in the territory of Indonesia and in all lines of business it does in 2024 and become a World Class Company in 2030.

Our Vision and Framework on People:

  1. Recruit excellent HR seeds and develop them through a systematic training and guidance program.
  2. Setting up a career and rotation system to mature their competence.
  3. Promote work culture based on employee performance.
  4. Designing employee performance appraisal systems to motivate the best cadres, optimize their potential, and produce the best performance.
  5. Improvement of a more competitive remuneration system and also in accordance with its performance.
  6. Encourage consistency of Core Value practices to create a strong and enduring corporate culture.
  7. Prepare an “estafet stick” for the next generation of leaders in the Centra Group that meet the company’s core value criteria.
  8. Centra Group has declared itself to be the most sought-after employer in Indonesia by 2020.

Our Vision and Framework on Planet:

  1. Our motto “Being a role model and contributing to the development and prosperity of the nation”.
  2. Give a direct impact on improving the quality of community life and harmony with the surrounding environment.
  3. The formation of cooperatives and foundations as a forum for the formation of entrepreneurship for employees and the distribution of CSR funds for the Centra Group in the future.
  4. Creating Income Generating Activities (IGA) for local communities around where Centra Group operates.
  5. Centra Group’s CSR priorities include: Education, Health, Economy and the Environment.
  6. Centra Group plans to become the best company in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmentally Friendly in Indonesia in 2022.